How To Pay

After a while in the online business we realized that to accomplish convenience and 100% safety  for customers  at he same time IS VERY HARD TO ACHIEVE .
You may remember from the news reading , watching or listening about online fraud or a breach of security walls at somebody website and jeopardize data of all its users .

Some of the well known are here
or here

We decided to GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND  when shopping at our website .
At our website  YOU  are in full control of the payment process.
We do not collect any of your personal or bank data .

From the comfort of your home or at your bank branch you made the payment  for our beautiful items .
Today almost every bank have  ONLINE BANKING for customers .
It is very easy to do and YOUR PERSONAL AND BANKING DATA ARE PROTECTED by your bank.

HOW to DO IT with US :

At the end of your shopping you will see an invoice or list of products you are looking to buy .
At the same time it is also sent to us to review it and add a shipping charges to it.
We will contact you (via email) with THE FINAL invoice which you should manage to pay online .
Information about our bank are clearly displayed below .

For payments within the UK please use the following information 


Routing number / sort code : 30-90-09

Account number : 48188660 

For payment outside of UK - international payments - please use the following information 


IBAN : GB05LOYD30900948188660